Summary of responsibilities
You will be working with the ultrasound group in further developing our unique ultrasound transducer technology. This work includes experimental design and data acquisition, as well as, result-evaluation for optimizing the sensor for different applications. You will also be responsible for building and running our ultrasound laboratory and help to improve our transducer manufacturing process.


The work includes both practical lab work and programming (scripting) for automating measurement tasks, for analyzing data, and for generating reports etc.

To succeed in this position, you must have a solid knowledge of:
• Ultrasonic basics (attenuation, acoustic impedance, aperture, near/far field, scattering, etc.)
• Ultrasound measurements technology
• Signal processing
• Scripting & programming (Matlab, Octave, Python, C / C + +, LabView, etc)
• Experience with standard signal lab equipment (oscilloscopes, signal generators, etc.).
• Ultrasound electronics


We believe that you are
• systematic and analytical in your work
• full of initiative, responsible and able to see your own field in a larger context
• an enthusiastic, motivated and creative team player
• fluent in English, both written and oral


We offer
We offer an exciting, innovative, challenging and rewarding position in a fast-growing company.


Reporting to: Head of Development

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact CTO/ Head of Research and development, Eskil Skoglund.



Application closing date June


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