Whether you are a researcher in a R&D Institute, a NDT Expert at a Manufacturing Plant or a Service Company offering NDT Inspections, DolphiTech has a solution for you. The DolphiCam’s easiness of use and versatile software solutions available makes it the perfect tool for many different applications such as:

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Structures must be designed and built with inspectability in mind. When engineering departments have easy access to NDT technology, the need for costly and time consuming involvement of external NDT partners can be minimized.

Example: Debonding inspection on honeycomb structures (pdf)



It is imperative to monitor product quality in all manufacturing steps. The consequence of letting flawed parts into the value stream can be costly and in worst case  have catastrophic results.

Example: Accidental Damage during Manufacturing (pdf)


Composite materials are strong and light, but still fragile. Barely Visible Impact Damages can be sign of structural weaknesses that are hard to detect by the human eye. As the use of CFRP increase in high volume products, organizations need easy-to-use tools to verify structural integrity.

Example: Aircraft Drilled Hole Inspection in-Service (pdf)