TeamCenter User Manual




Use TeamCenter/Inspector to perform high quality NDT inspections. Your NDT expert has prepared one or more inspection libraries for you, that will make NDT inspections a breeze. Pay attention to the inspection procedures!

TeamCenter/Inspector includes

  • An easy and visual way to find the correct Inspection Procedure
  • Visual and useful tips to help you perform the inspection
  • Fully automatic camera settings, no manual setup!
  • Support for photos and webcams to help you document a damage
  • Automatic reporting with easy PDF export.



To be able to use TeamCenter/Inspector, a Operator needs:
  • A DolphiCam Operator or Expert Camera
  • The TeamCenter/Inspector software
  • Access to a DolphiCam TeamCenter Library



 For the Inspector, we reccommend the installation bundle with the TeamCenter/Inspector install. Find the installation file, start it and follow the instructions.


Starting TeamCenter/Inspector

 Connect the DolphiCam to your computer and turn it on. Find the TeamCenter/Inspector icon on your desktop or in the Start Menu, and start the Application. The TeamCenter/Inspector User Interface:




 Use the buttons to navigate forward. Use the button ribbon on the top to navigate back.




 Register the Inspection

Use this screen to edit important information about the inspection.

NOTE: The actual field names is set by the NDT Expert, and may be something else in your company than in the example below. Press the green Ok symbol when you are done.

You can add pictures already stored on your PC, or you can take pictures with the Web Camera. At this point, you would probably want to make an overview picture of the object, not focusing too much on the details.



Before the inspection, the camera must be calibrated. Follow the instructions, the calibration sequence takes only a few seconds.






Performing the Inspection

  • Read the inspection procedure on the upper, left part of the screen.
  • Use the arrows to view the pictures.
  • Click on the picture to zoom image.
  • Use water or coupling gel if neccessary.
  • Hold the camera transducer firmly to the surface of the material, and press the camera button to start scanning. Press the button again to freeze the image.
  • Repeat the process if neccessary.
  • Tools on upper right side of screen:
    • Enter Manual Stitch mode if neccessary (Area Symbol)
    • Enable the measurement tool if needed (Ruler Symbol)
    • Zoom ultrasound images (Lense Symbol)

On the right side of the screen:

  • Comment on the inspection, if neccessary.
  • Enter visual damage size, if neccessary
  • Enter material depth, if known
  • Add any number of illustration pictures, where you focus on the details:
    • Add picture from disk (+ sign)
    • Add picture from Web Camera (camera symbol)
    • Delete Picture (hover over picture)
    • Zoom picture (click on it)




  • Create PDF report.
  • New Inspection, on Same Area
  • New Inspection, on Other Areas (Same Part)
  • New Inspection, on Other Part







Q: I have trouble getting TeamCenter/Inspector to find my DolphiCam even if its connected and turned on, why?

A: Make sure the DolphiCam application isn’t running at the same time as TeamCenter/Inspector, they cannot run in paralell.