TeamCenter User Manual

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DolphiCam TeamCenter is a software that supports a distributed, co-operative inspection model where NDT experts and inspectors work together in a team. Experts creates inspection libraries that contain inspection routines organized in a hierarchical structure. Inspection libraries can be distributed to NDT-teams worldwide for execution.

  • Ensure consistent NDT inspection over the Enterprise
  • Adaptable to any Business
  • Easy Navigation to Inspection Procedure
  • Support for Visual Inspection Procedures
  • Automatic Setup of DolphiCam
  • Enhancing reports with Pictures and Comments
  • Automatic Reporting

A DolphiCam TeamCenter inspection procedure contains information on how a specific area of a product should be inspected, described through textual instructions and pictures. The expert adds correct DolphiCam camera settings for the given material and geometry. The inspector performs multiple inspections as needed, and make inspection reports for evaluation of repair strategies or evaluation by the expert.

TeamCenter is optimized for DolphiCam Inspector cameras, making the system easy to use in difficult or harsh inspection environments. DolphiCam Inspector cameras are the perfect tool for inspectors that does not need expert camera features.

TeamCenter is a breakthrough in team-based ultrasound NDT. For the first time, experts can interact with a team of inspectors, giving precise inspection instructions together with ultrasound camera settings for a particular material, geometry and inspection scenario. The inspector follows the procedure and automatically creates inspection reports.

TeamCenter enables organizations to bring the expert knowledge in NDT out to sites where quality problems needs to be detected and rectified immediately. Businesses will save time, money and make more quality products.