Service and Warranty


This page provides important information if you need to return your DolphiTech instrument for service. Please read the instructions below carefully, in particular with regard to meeting your local customs regulations covering the import and export of goods for repair.

Before any product is returned for repair you must have obtained a Return Material Authorization (RMA) from DolphiTech. An RMA can be obtained using our e-mail address:

The following is needed go get a RMA:

  1. Company Name / Contact / Address / Phone / email
  2. Product Type
  3. Product Serial number
  4. A copy of original sales invoice (for warranty validation)
  5. A description of the issue

To ship the product to us, you must complete the RMA with the RMA number obtained from DolphiTech.

You must also complete a proforma invoice, include all the information requested and ensure that it is correct:

  • Make sure that you clearly state that the goods are temporary exported to Norway for repair!
  • You can provide your own proforma invoice, or get a partly complete Proforma Invoice here.

Make sure you include a copy of all shipping and export documents with the proforma invoice inside the freight box, and make sure that the RMA number is clearly stated in the freight parcel. Equipment for repair or service should be sent to the delivery address stated in the Proforma Invoice. NOTE THAT THE DELIVERY ADDRESS FOR SERVICE ITEMS IS DIFFERENT FROM OUR BUSINESS ADDRESS!

Shipment of goods to DolphiTech is at the Customers expense, who must always ensure that the shipment to DolphiTech is prepaid. Note that freight insurance on repairs is not covered by DolphiTech. You must make sure your goods are properly insured before shipping to DolphiTech AS. We will not be held responsible if the instrument is damaged or lost while being shipped to DolphiTech for repair.

If the instrument is repaired under warranty DolphiTech will cover all return shipping and insurance costs.

The regulations and requirements covering the export and re-import of items sent for repair will vary from country to country, and in the past some of our customers have experienced problems because they failed to provide the correct documentation. If these matters are not handled correctly, you may be charged for import duties and taxes a second time when your instrument is returned to you.

We at DolphiTech must meet our own country’s regulations when taking instruments for repair and when returning them. This may not be enough for your country.

We strongly suggest that you as part of your own procedures for handling any returns, check with your customs authorities as to what information, documents etc. they need from you and from us. You should then inform us of what you need by e-mail. We will do all we can to help you.

Limited One Year Warranty

Kind of product: DolphiCam
Type designation: Handheld Ultrasound NDT Camera

DolphiTech AS warrants to the original purchaser of this unit sold by us and/or our agent, and all the parts thereof, to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service within the specified ratings and operating conditions.
Its obligation under this warranty is hereby limited to the repair or replacement of this unit, or part thereof, which is returned to us within one year after date of invoice, suitably packaged in the original container or equivalent and which shall prove, after our examination, to be defective under terms of above paragraph.
No other warranty is expressed or implied. We are not liable for consequential damages.
This warranty does not include the cost of transportation charges to and from the factory.
The repair or replacement of this unit, or any part thereof, does not void or extend the original warranty.
DolphiTech AS reserves the right to discontinue this unit without notice, or to make modifications in design at any time, without incurring any obligation to make these modifications in units previously sold.

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