DolphiCam in Action

Description Image Size (mb)
Dolphicam2, with Toughpad 2.0
Dolphicam2, with Toughpad 2.0
Dolphicam2, in action 2.0
Dolphicam2, BlackBox 2.0
The DolphiCam with tablet 2015-06-08 14.10.48 5.0
DolphiCam DolphiCam-2 2.39
DolphiCam DSC8598 2.05

DolphiCam with

Metronor NaviTarget

DolphiCam with NaviTarget 0.5
Scanning boreholes Scanning Drilled Holes 4.69
Scanning impact damage Scanning Impacts
DolphiCam Connected Connected

 Sample Scanning

Description Picture TOF Amplitude 3D
Impact damage in
4 mm aircraft grade
CFRP laminate
ImpactSample ScreenshotImpact6TOF ScreenshotImpact6Amplitude
Impact6 3D
Simulated drilled hole
damages in
6 mm aircraft grade
CFRP laminate
BoreHoleFlaking 3D
Plexi Flower (5 mm) PlexiglassSample
Plexiglass 3D

 User Interface


Software Mode  Picture
DolphiCam Expert Amplitude mode ScreenshotImpact6Amplitude
DolphiCam Expert Time-of-Flight ScreenshotImpact6TOF
DolphiCam Expert Manual stitching  Stitching
DolphiCam Expert Settings  Settings
DolphiCam Expert Time Corrected Gain  TCG
TeamCenter Expert Creating an inspection procedure  TCE
TeamCenter Inspector User interface 1  TCI-1
TeamCenter Inspector User interface 2  TCI_9