The Dolphicam Grid Tool

is a mechanical positioning device for the Dolphicam Ultrasound Camera that makes it easy and quick to inspect large areas. Its solid construction from high-quality linear bearings ensure smooth scanning, high precision and high inspection speeds.

The GridTool is fixed to the surface by one or two robust and oversize suction cups. Setup-time is usually less than 3 minutes! Due to the low weight and powerful suction cups, the system can be placed in any orientation, even inverted on painted or shiny surfaces.  The suction cup can also be removed to allow for a bolted placement if needed.

The Dolphicam is easily secured to the Grid Tool with 3 set screws. The attachment is hinged to allow access to non-planar surfaces.

Constructed using high-quality linear bearings, the Dolphicam can easily be positioned in 25 mm incremental positions over a full 50 by 50 cm area. Each camera position is secured with a ball-plunger as the operator acquire the image and before moving the camera to the next position.

The Dolphicam software allows for multiple scanning modes, including various vertical and horizontal modes as well as other features to make real-world stitching easy and fun.

A trained operator would be able to achieve a scanning rate of less than 5 secs/image, about half an hour for a 50 x 50 cm area!

The Grid Tool comes in a robust transport box.

Dolphicam Grid Tool
Weight 2 kg (4.41 lbs.)
Scanning increment 25 mm (0,98”)
Scanning area 50 x 50 cm (16,69 x 16,69”)
Fixture 1 or 2 suction cups, or bolted to surface.

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