Dolphicam2 is a new ultrasound imaging platform for multi-material NDT (Non-Destructive Testing).
Our unique 2D matrix transducer technology enables a wide variety of transducer frequencies and custom transducer design. Digital signals
enables impressive performance, with up to 100 datasets per sec from all 16 384. Add extreme data signal processing capacity and a smooth user experience to that and you have the ultimate NDT tool.


Real-time images.
Frequency range from 0,5 to 15 MHz.
128 x 128 transducers electrodes.
16384 transducer elements.
Size 3,8 x 3,8 cm.
2D and 3D images.
A-, B-, and C-scans.
Amplitude & Time of flight.
Large area stitching.

The dolphicam2 platform

The platform

Dolphicam2 is an ultrasound imaging platform for NDT. Our unique 2D matrix transducer technology combined with a wide range of transducer modules bring NDT inspections to a new level with an impressive performance. Dolphicam2 has unique signal processing which is visualized with great user experience. This makes Dolphicam a tool for experts and non-experts doing non-destructive testing.

Unique combination of frequencies and couplings

The combinations of different TRMs and couplings of varying softness/hardness and sizes enable great possibilities of inspecting multiple types of materials.


The Dolphicam2 Software has a user friendly dashboard with highly customizable and configurable settings.

  • Real time images.
  • 2D and 3D images.
  • A-, B-, and C-scans.
  • Amplitude & Time of flight.
  • Large area stitching.
  • “Traffic light” color palettes.

Configurable settings:

  • Unit, material depth, number of Amp Gates, number of ToF
  • Gates, Material Sound Speed, Transmitting Elements, Analog
  • Gain, Number of Averages, Transmitting Pulse Shape, Time
  • Corrected Gain, Time of Flight Palette, Amplitude/B-scan
  • Custom Palettes

Dolphitech Matrix transducers vs Phased Array

Dolphitech Matrix transducers have transducer elements placed in a 2-dimensional array. Since the transducer directly covers the area of inspection, no encoder system is needed to calculate the position of each element. Reducing risk of positional errors due to faults or imprecision in the encoder system.

Phased array transducers contain a number of individual transducers that can be pulsed individually to steer and focus the sound beam in a specific direction. Linear arrays are typically used in combination with an encoder system matching the signal with positional information to build a 2-dimensional image. Price will increase with the added number of elements and element gets smaller in size.

Substantial improvements in resolution are to be expected from a Dolphicam Ultrasound camera system compared to an Olympus MX phased array system.

Matrix Array



The TRM has 128 horizontal and 128 vertical transducer electrodes. This makes a transducer element where one horizontal line crosses a vertical line. I total 16.384 transducer elements send and receive sound to create the data with a frame rate from 10 to 100 frames per second.

In short, our scans deliver more data than we can use for now. For you, this means that the product you buy today only will get better tomorrow.


Spend less time calibrating and more time fixing. Turn on the device and start scanning (1 min from start to ready to scan).

Large amounts of Data is being processed to a user-friendly dashboard. The «Traffic lights» pallet or real-time dataset streaming visualizes the scan in a way that impresses experts, and lets non-experts understand what they see.


The TRM is made small and ergonomic, it fits nicely in your hand. Its size and weight makes it easy to hold, and access places that are really difficult to scan.


Depending on your needs for accuracy and speed, we can offer different ways for scanning large areas and combining into one image. Dolphicam comes with multiple different stitching solutions, from manual grid tool to fully automated systems.


Our transducer technology is very flexible, allowing for customizable design for customers with specific needs.


Our vison is to make ONE tool that can let you see everything. Dolphitech cameras are used within these verticals.



Oil & Gas


Pipe & Weld Inspections



Width: 40 mm(1.6 inch)
Length: 40 mm(1.6 inch)
Height: 84mm(3.4 inch)
Weight: 280g/ 10oz
Transducer Electrodes 128 x 128
Transducer elements 16.384
Transducer frequencies: 2.5 MHz, 3.5 MHz, 7.0 MHz, 9.0 MHz, 11.50 MHz
Couplings: Customized coupling
Frames pr second: 20 to 100
Type of scan A-, B-, and C-scans (Amplitude & Time of flight), and 3D viewer
Visulisation High resolution images
Real-time dataset streaming
2D and 3D images
Adjustable settings Unit, Material Depth, Gating, Material Sound Speed,
Number of Transmit elements, Analog Gain, Number of Averagew,
Pulse Shape, Time Corrected Gain, Color Palettes
Large Area Stiching IN DEVELOPMENT
Manual Stiching Supported
Ports: 2x USB 2.0 (PC, AUX), 2 x GPIO Ports (TRM)
Encoder ports 2, supports 2 transducer simultaniously
Connections: Ethernet (Optional ), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Data Format: HDF5 file format
Size: 10 inch
Features: Daylight-readable Display with Gloved Multi Touch + waterproof digitizer pen
Battery: Up to 28 Hours of Use with an Optional Long Life Battery
Extras: Integrated Bridge Battery, SmartCard, 2D Barcode, Magstripe, RFID, Serial Optionsand More
Certified for Use in Hazardous Locations (Class I Division 2)
Coupling Name Acoustic Velocity Attenuation @5MHz Hardness Material Type Acoustic Impedance [Mrayl]
DT Silicone1 1009 m/s 0.91 dB/mm Shore A = 10 (**) Silicon based 1.14
Rexolite 2304 m/s 0.33dB/mm Hard/Solid Plastic based 2.5
ACE 400* 1600 m/s 0.5 dB/mm Shore A = 40 (**) Thermoplastic 1,49
Aqualene 300* 1578 m/s 0.35 dB/mm Shore A = 58 (**) Thermoset 1.57
Aqualene 320* 1569 m/s 0.15 dB/mm Shore A = 35 (**) Thermoset 1.55
AquaSilox 100* 1001 m/s 0.80 dB/mm Shore A = 23 (**) Silicon based 0.91
Aqualink 100* 1484 m/s 0.4 dB/mm Shore A = 5 (**) Thermoplastic 1.63

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