Remote NDT Survey

ID-10080971DolphiTech would like to learn how the industry view the emerging concept of Remote NDT!

We define Remote NDT like this:

An inspection of a remotely located object by a certified NDT inspector, assisted by on-site personell and real-time video-, audio- and inspection data.

  1. The role of the NDT inspector is to instruct and guide the on-site personell, so the NDT data is collected with the same level of accuracy as if the NDT inspector was on-site.
  2. The role of the on-site personell is to operate the NDT equipment according to the NDT inspectors directions.
  3. Live video from one or more on-site video cameras as well as 2-way audio will give the NDT inspector detailed knowledge of what is happening at the inspection site, and will enable him to guide, instruct and intervene to ensure that the collected NDT data is valid and representative.
  4. Audio and video recordings could be stored together with the NDT data for documentation.

The survey will not take more thanĀ 3 minutes!

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