dolphitech announces today that the dolphicam ultrasound inspection camera and dolphitech Teamcenter software is selected as the recommended NDT (non-destructive testing) tool for structural inspections on Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 carbon fibre primary automotive structures. The dolphitech inspection solution will be used in collision centres worldwide, to verify the integrity of the carbon fibre structure on the Lamborghini Huracán after any serious incidents.


“Being selected as a recommended supplier of NDT technology for Lamborghini is a huge achievement for dolphitech. With the increased use of composite materials, traditional NDT does not scale – neither when it comes to cost nor personnel and training. Our vision has always been to offer extremely user-friendly and scalable NDT tools, and our solution enables Lamborghini collision centres around the world – duly trained and certified by Lamborghini – capable of verifying the integrity of carbon fibre structural elements. We are extremely happy to be selected as a trusted partner for an exciting and visionary car manufacturer as Lamborghini”, says Jan Olav Endrerud, (former) CEO of dolphitech.