A NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) procedure for the Dolphicam ultrasound camera system has been made available for the Airbus A350 composite aircraft.
The procedure gives general requirements to perform NDT inspections of structures made of monolithic CFRP – carbon fiber reinforced plastic – to look for accidental damage using compact systems. The inspection is for local areas on and/or around visible indications of impact damage as well as large areas for possible accidental damage on monolithic construction carbon fiber composite structures (CFRP) in general.


“We are very proud to be included in the Airbus non-destructive testing manual. Dolphitech believes that compact and easy-to-use NDT imaging systems are the future”, says Thomas Berg de Jose, Sales Director of Dolphitech.

“The acceptance by Airbus once again shows that our technology and line of products meets even the strictest industry standards. With the previous acceptance for Boeings 787 Dreamliner, airline operators and inspection service providers can now truly benefit from investments in our solutions.”