dolphitech and Metronor today announced a partnership to offer position-aware NDT systems. Using matrix transducer ultrasound NDT systems integrated with electro-optical measuring technology, the user can examine composite structures by moving the dolphicam1 ultrasound camera freely over the surface.

“Making NDT systems aware of its position in 3D space opens new doors. Moving the DolphiCam freely over the surface makes it easy to scan large areas. Since the Metronor positioning system is based on optics and absolute measurements, the operator can extend the inspection in any direction. Structures can be inspected even more efficient”, says Jan O. Endrerud, CEO of DolphiTech.

“Our optical coordinate measuring systems has found an exciting new area of use”, says Oyvind Roetvold, CEO of Metronor. “Not only can we determine the size of a defect, but also its exact position on a 3D structure. We are excited about the cooperation with DolphiTech and see great opportunities for the future”.

About Metronor

Metronor is a high-tech company headquartered just outside Oslo, Norway, with subsidiaries in Rockford (near Chicago) and Beijing, supporting partners and customers on a global basis. Based on in-house innovation and research, Metronor has since 1989 developed a range of electro-optical portable coordinate measuring systems that have become very popular among leading manufacturers worldwide. Principal products include Portable CMMs and boresight systems.