Application Notes

Note Application Note Description
01 Finding good settings with DolphiCam This application note describes a general method to find good settings with the DolphiCam.
02 Setting up Traffic Light Color Palette Describes how to make traffic light color indications in the TOF C-scan.
06 Maximum Gain value Maximum Gain for DolphiCam “Mark I” hardware.
07 Gain Compability Mark 1 and Mark 2 hardware This application note describes gain compatibility between Mark I and Mark II hardware.
08 Scanning and charging on empty battery

This application note describes an issue regarding the charger when charging battery while running DolphiCam on completely empty battery.

10 Screenshot issue Windows 8

This application note describes an issue regarding the use of the screenshot function with Windows 8.

11 DolphiCam CF08 versus CF16 Discusses the similarities and differences between DolphiCam CF08 and CF16.
12 Multiple echo towards air This application note describes some artefacts that may be visible in B-scan and C-scan when scanning towards air.
13 Incorrect-depth-measurements-in-B-Scan-All-view This Application note describes an issue with depth measurement accuracy with DolphiCam Expert and TeamCenter Inspector Software.