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“With DolphiCam, TeamCenter and some basic training, anyone can inspect composite material structures.”

Jan O. Endrerud, CEO DolphiTech.

DolphiCam TeamCenter lets NDT experts and inspectors work together. The Experts creates libraries that contain inspection routines with embedded DolphiCam technology, organized in a hierarchical structure. The libraries is then distributed to NDT-teams worldwide for execution.

A DolphiCam TeamCenter inspection procedure contains information on how a specific area of a product should be inspected, described through textual instructions and pictures. The expert adds correct camera settings for the given material and geometry. The inspector can perform multiple inspections as needed, and make inspection reports for evaluation of repair strategies or evaluation by an expert.Lysbilde2

TeamCenter is optimized for DolphiCam Inspector cameras, aggressively priced, making the system easy to use in difficult or harsh inspection environments. DolphiCam Inspector cameras are the perfect tool for NDT inspectors that does not need expert camera features.

TeamCenter is a breakthrough in team-based ultrasound NDT because for the first time, experts can interact with a team of inspectors, giving precise inspection instructions together with ultrasound camera settings for a particular material, geometry and inspection scenario. The inspector follows the procedure and automatically creates inspection reports. By using standard video conferencing tools such as Webex, Skype or OMA, a remotely located expert can attend the inspection and even guide the field inspector.

TeamCenter enables NDT experts to bring their knowledge in ultrasound NDT out to manufacturing sites where quality problems needs to be detected and rectified immediately. Businesses will save time, money and make more quality products.

Preparing the system

The NDT expert uses DolphiCam Expert to find the best camera settings for the materials and structures. For each critical area, he prepares a settings file, taking the material, thickness and other factors into account. Next, the expert uses TeamCenter/Expert to make a TeamCenter library. The library consists of one or more inspection procedures, each associated with a DolphiCam settings file, inspection procedure texts and images,  selection of ultrasound images to be collected and other settings.

Distributing the TeamCenter library

The library is contained in a single file. This makes the data easy to distribute and use at facilities with weak or no internet connections. The file can be mailed, put on an USB stick or shared on the company intranet portal.

Performing the inspection

Automatically opening TeamCenter/Inspector with the correct library, the inspector navigates to the correct inspection procedure, and enter details on the object to be inspected. The camera is automatically set up with the correct settings for the procedure. The inspection can be enhanced with web photos or other pictures. At the end of the inspection, a report PDF is automatically created. This can be stored, or shared with the NDT expert or other interested parties.


To run TeamCenter, you need a software license. The following table shows the compabilities of the cameras with TeamCenter.

 Software -> DolphiCam Expert
Create settings files
Create libraries
Run libraries
DolphiCam Expert
 Yes  Yes  Yes
DolphiCam Inspector
 No  No  Yes

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or 8
  • i3 dual core processor or equivalent
  • 4Gb Ram
  • 1152 x 864 screen resolution
  • Internet Explorer 8.0

Product Information