Dolphicam2 – Ultrasound Imaging for multi-material NDT

Impact damage in aircraft grade CFRP

Dolphicam2 is your new ultrasound imaging platform for multi-material NDT. It brings our unique 2D matrix transducer technology to the next level by combining flexibility in transducer selection with the most impressive performance imaginable. Add signal processing and a smooth user experience to that and you have the ultimate NDT tool.

Selecting the best NDT approach can be hard. Balancing cost, flexibility and reliability is difficult and tradeoffs usually has to be made. Now there is finally a system that checks all the boxes. Cost effective, full flexibility and more reliable than any competing ultrasound technology. Meet the Dolphicam2.

  • Dolphicam2 with a rugged Panasonic Toughpad
  • Dolphicam2 in Action
  • Dolphicam2 Black Box and a transducer module
  • Live streaming images. Amplitude (left), Time of Flight (right)


Material testing

Step wedge inspection

Qualifying new NDT technology takes time. So why not start today? We are happy to test material samples with our prototype systems, and provide you with a detailed report.

Please contact us for details on how to proceed.

Flexible Transducer Development

If we don’t have it, we make it. And optimize it. Our unique Transducer Development Process (FTD) takes the physical properties of your material into account when creating the transducer design. Our goal is to offer high resolution transducers in the full 0.5 – 15 MHz range.

Not only frequencies can be changed but also penetration depth, impedance, transducer coupling shape, softness and size. Add to that signal processing and a user interface that makes sense in your business and for your operators. You get a NDT imaging system that can reliably detect flaws and defects in materials and joints.

Pricing and availability

Dolphicam2 is shipping from 1st September 2018.

The prices for the Dolphicam2 and transducer modules will be announced well in advance.


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Product sheet
Flexible Transducer Development (FTD)


Christian Backe (CEO),
Thomas Berg de Jose (Sales Director),