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FFI comparing DolphiCam with Phased Array Ultrasound

FFI comparing DolphiCam with Phased Array Ultrasound

Raufoss, 18 Feb 2016 – The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment FFI (Forsvarets Forsknings Institutt) recently published a report comparing a popular phased array system from Olympus with DolphiTech’s DolphiCam ultrasound camera.

From the report summary: “Ultrasound imagery of the simulated damages provided information on the accuracy, applicability, and relative strengths and weaknesses of the two systems. The DolphiTech cameras, consisting of two models designed for 8 mm and 16 mm thick CFRP structures, DolphiCam CF08 and DolphiCam CF16, respectively, provided very detailed imagery and depth measurements of all types of simulated damages. Defect features of less than 1.0 mm out of plane could easily be detected and measured. Further, the DolphiTech cameras required minimal set-up time, and performed well in both freezing and controlled room temperature environments. The Olympus Omniscan MX system, requiring a longer set-up time and having larger support equipment requirements, was also able to detect the simulated damage areas. Finally, the Olympus Omniscan MX system performed quicker inspections of much larger areas compared to the DolphiTech cameras.

This study found that the two types of NDI systems offered complementary strengths and weaknesses when employed for detection of simulated damages in CFRP materials. Also, DolphiCam CF08 showed surprisingly good results at investigating bonded scarf repairs to the glass fibre/Nomex sandwich panel.”

The full report is available for download here, or directly at FFIs web site: http://www.ffi.no/no/Rapporter/15-00589.pdf